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About Arthur

Arthur got into music at a young age, aspiring to play like the cartoon saxophonist, Lisa Simpson. "Yes I'm not afraid to admit it!" he jokes. However through parental 'persuasion' he began playing the clarinet to act as a building block before progressing to the saxophone. After a few years of playing the clarinet and acheiving his grade 5 ABRSM, he earned his first sax. Unlike many young students, Arthur began on the Tenor Saxophone. "Definitely to impress women. Isn't that why everyone starts playing instruments?!"
Arthur has been playing saxophone ever since and hasn't looked back. Arthur has a yearning to perform, progressing first through GCSE music and drama, then A-Levels in the same subjects and even as far as degree level, earning a BMus (Hons) degree in Jazz, Popular and Commercial Music from the University of Sunderland. "Oh it's all down to wanting to be noticed and wanting attention!" He was born in Southampton but moved to rural Dorset.
Determined to get away from the endless greenery, Arthur applied to universities far and wide. It seemed he was bound for Newcastle after being accepted by Sunderland University and studying at the prestigious Sage Gateshead. Constantly swapping between three cities, everyday was exhausting, and that's not even mentioning all the rehearsals and social occasions of university!
Arthur's career is just beginning and is moving from strength to strength. He has set his sights high and is determined to leave his mark. Playing regularly in local and regional projects as well as focusing on his composition, which has become a new, unexpected passion. With his natural piano playing abilities in hand, Arthur gets around regularly playing in venues around the North East. He often heads further South too, in old, familliar haunts. He has even been spotted on many occasions as far afield as South Wales and Northern Scotland and even touring mainland Europe with a number of bands. He is getting his name about playing in bands and ensembles and sessions across the country. It can only be up from here. 
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