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     Arthur also works to bring music education to a wider community working as a private tutor for aspiring saxophonists, clarinetists and pianists.
He also works with local and regional councils and private organisations such as The Sage Gateshead and Apollo Arts, leading group ensembles of all abilities and lineup.
Please feel free to enquire about all matters tuition related on the form here or on the contact page.   


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I have - so far- had one lesson with Arthur. He put me at ease straight away and is clearly a good teacher. I'm looking forward to learning the saxophone with his guidance
Arthur has been the most patient tutor. He builds a good rapport, to give confidence. His knowledge of music is very good and he will find a way to teach what ever suits the pupils needs. Would recomend him.
     "Arthur has taken on the huge task of teaching me and my 10 year old daughter saxophone (tenor and soprano). He is wonderfully patient and has a very personalised teaching style which he seemed to suss out within seconds! My daughter really likes him and looks forward to her lessons and he has managed already to get me relax, forget about stressing over detail and to really enjoy playing again. I would definitely recommend him. Thanks Arthur!"
     "Arthur is teaching my 10 year old son the piano (Grade 2) and the alto sax (just started). My son really enjoys his lesson each week due to the way Arthur teaches and engages with him and keeps him interested. I also play sax myself and having seen how competent Arthur is, both musically and at teaching, I would definitely recommend him as an excellent teacher at any level."
     "Arthur has been a great find as a tutor. He is incredibly easy to get on with and has a great knowledge of all types of music. I really appreciate the flexibility of lesson times as I work full time and it is therefore a real bonus to be able to change the day and times of lessons when necessary. Taking up the piano again after so many years away was a bit daunting but Arthur has made it very easy and motivated me to keep going.I would highly recommend Arthur as a music teacher."
     "Jared and Laura look forward to their lessons and Arthur's approach with both children is excellent. He has the patience of a saint!"
     "Josh looks forward to his lesson all week and is very enthusiastic, find Arthur very helpful and patient." 
     "Arthur is a very good tutor. I would rate him exellent and would recommend him to anyone."
The Sage Gateshead
Selby Music Centre
     Since Septermber 2015, Arthur works as an Ensemble Director at the Music Centre based in Selby, North Yorkshire. Working with all abilities and age ranges of primary school through to 6th form, Arthur leads various ensembles including a saxophone quartet, jr. woodwing group/concert band and a jazz band. The groups work to both school and out-of-hours shows whilst learning key musical skills and theory through the enjoyment of playing with others.
Whitley Bay Saxophone Group
    An independent saxophone ensmble. This large group of intermediate players come together to get the best out of the saxophone. Playing tunes from all genres from traditional jazz standards to show tunes. Arthur lends his experience in performance and tuition to lead the group in playing techniqes as well as music theory in a slick and coherent manner. A great local project. 
    Arthur's work at the Sage includes Piano tuition on the Silver Programme - for the older generations, as well as working as a Projet Musician - accompanying/directing varying types of ensembles from large saxophone ensembles (beginner and advanced) to musical theatre groups. 
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