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Performance Projects

Whilst Arthur is always working tirelessly on new and exciting projects, ones he is currently involved with include:
Arthur Higgins - Saxophonist

     Arthur has been performing since he was 5 years old. His solo act vaires wildly from background music for personal and coporate events, to even playing alongside DJ's for party and club nights. Perfect for any functions from sit down meals to warm up acts before the dancing begins, he is equipped with an array of homemade, professional quality backing tracks and works with several fantastic pianists who accompany him. Arthur also works as a dep. player for various bands around the North East which include function bands, such as the Hip Operation, as well themed bands such as Le - Sape Nocturne. He is well versed in studio work also, having recorded both sax and piano on many albums over the years. He is a keen composer and is currently working towards his debut solo album.​

Ska Struck

Arthur's newest project. An eclectic blend of musicians coming together to create a new Ska show mixing the traditional two-tone classics of Madness, The Specials and others with more modern day tracks such as Take on Me by A-Ha and Don Henley's Boys of Summer (ok so maybe not that modern)! Skanking up all kinds of new tunes these guys mix technical prowess with all the energy you would expect from a group playing Ska! Playing shows up and down the country to ever grateful audiences has been hugely rewarding and this band is going from strength to strength, great show to great show. Never not seen in a suit on stage, the only drawback for Arthur is he now has to wear sunglasses on stage! Oh, they do play a Justin Bieber track too...!

The Baldy Holly Band

By far and a way, one of the most energetic bands you will ever see. Every performance is a workout for the band on stage as much as the audience dancing! Playing all over the Tyne and Wear area, the band have travelled extensively to venues up and down the UK, Germany and even to America. Playing in the US has always been a great personal desire for Arthur and a goal that can certainly be ticked off the list. Opening for The Lightning Seeds, playing with Vince Eager and Sherry Holley (Buddy's niece) were also career highlights, not to mention the 2 albums and many EP's made during his tenure. Bringing the music of stars such as Buddy Holly, Elvis, Little Richard and countless others to old and young has never been more energising. Pure 50's rock and roll at it's finest. 

Hannah Rickard & The Relatives

     The Relatives were formed in late 2013 by guitarist Louis Ruddick, cousin of lead singer Hannah Rickard. They are described in The Guardian as "Sultry blues grooving with a honky-tonk swagger, a cool drink of water under a blistering rock'n'roll sun." This band sure delivers not just in outstanding musicianship, but also in the energy of their performance. "They also understand the need to dress well when performing!" quips Arthur. Arthur's involvement began November but adapted quickly to the familiar genre and is moving from strength to strength within the band playing both saxophone and piano. The band already has an E.P released and the full album will be released shortly. Following extensive tours of both the UK and Ireland, as well as mainland Europe, this band have gone from one success to another supporting names such as The Urban Voodoo Machine, Martin Stevenson and even Sir Tom Jones.

     The UK's premier Dire Straits tribute act. Money for Nothing was formed in 2000 as a tribute to one of the world's premier rock bands - Dire Straits. The abundant energy and the excellent musicality of their performance makes Money For Nothing a "must see" for any rock enthusiast or Dire Straits fan. Arthur's work began with them mid - late 2015 and has taken on the original Dire Straits sax player, Chris White's position within the ensemble. The band extensively tour UK theatres and sell out almost every night. It is both a technically challenging and energetic band but a hugely rewarding experience to be part of.   

Money For Nothing
The Henchmen Jazz Sextet

     A saxophone and vocal led sextet, based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. This band specialise in swing, blues, lounge and club style jazz standards with a first set arranged by Arthur to fit his vision of the film representations of 50’s jazz clubs. All the classic standards are covered and with a traditional line - up, this band brings a youthful and modern twist to classic tunes adding their own flair, energy and creativity. This is expressed most predominantly in the second half of their sets where the jazz fusion and upbeat era and inspiration kicks in to get heads bobbing and feet tapping. The Henchmen have had some great shows at The Sage Gateshead and other jazz venues around the area. This band is also a perfect function band for any occasion. Easily flexible and extremely versatile, the talented musicians join Arthur in varying forms, operating from duo to sextet with everything in between.

Collaboration with Sam Dickinson

     Since Arthur began work with reputable Geordie soul singer, Sam Dickinson, the band has been hard at work playing many shows in a short space of time. Credits include a small North Eastern tour in various cities as well as much loved, local venues Hoochie Coochie and the Cluny. One notable achievement includes two performances at Northern Pride, where the band performed to well over 12,000 people. A week long stint in Newcastle's Loft Studios, resulted in Sam's debut album which was received to great acclaim. 

The Desperations

     The Desperations, as the band suggests, were a band born out of a necessity. Arthur was visiting friends when he was informed a band due to put on a show at a local pub had pulled out. Deciding to do something about it, Arthur and Jack (on the 6 string short scale baritone bass guitar) quickly put a funky, rocking and jazzy set together. Getting hold a bass player and drummer and that was that, The Desperations were born. After a stellar first gig, this band might well have become a tourist attraction. Due to other commitments the band don't come together that often, but when they do, they're sure to bring the house down. Expanding into Cardiff, Swansea, and the rest of South Wales this band are sure to bring smiles to the faces of their adiences with their energetic and entertaining performances. 

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